Anchor Harvey can deliver your products with the shortest lead times in the industry. Our 90+ years of forging experience, highly skilled staff, and superior facility allows us to deliver on-time with unparalleled speed to market.

Our industry leading “One-Piece-Flow” process allows Anchor Harvey to fill repeat production orders quickly.  Our cycle-time through our facility is typically less than a week, subject to  volumes.

For new designs, our engineers begin by creating  a CAD drawing based on your designs. From there, we produce a die-block, in house, and then forge your product. Little to no work is done outside Anchor Harvey, enabling us to move from concept to completion with the utmost efficiency.

We have eight presses available to forge aluminum. Our largest press, which is a 5500-ton precision screw press, rises 40 feet above the plant floor and stretches 44 below the ground. Our variety of presses allows for flexibility and redundant capacity for different part requirements and sizes for your aluminum forging needs.

We have multiple CNC mills, EDM machines, and we use state of the art tool steels for maximum die life. All this means better products, delivered quickly, with less waste – and ultimately, satisfied customers! In fact, we have less than one percent of scrap – way below the industry standard! Our lead times are the fastest in the industry…and we’re constantly striving to improve further.

We feature zero lead-time for key raw material items due to innovative material processing with our suppliers. Lead-time through the shop is 3 to 5 days based on volume…and product development of new tools can be down to less than 3 weeks. Yes…you can get your aluminum forged samples in as little as 3 weeks when the industry standard is 12 to 18 weeks! Better aluminum parts, in less time, made right the first time-that’s what our customers have come to expect from Anchor Harvey.