Process Control

What makes our facility different is our one-of-a-kind, process controlled environment. From the time we sink a die to the point of final forging, we maintain the highest degree of consistency throughout our entire manufacturing process. We monitor billet temperature, part dimensions, and press tonnage in real time, as we operate.

This attention to process-control allows Anchor Harvey to forge a consistent component again and again while  eliminating waste, ensuring consistent quality, and keeping your order on schedule.


Eliminating Waste

Eliminating waste is the first step to producing a quality product. At Anchor Harvey we eliminate physical waste by monitoring your project from start to finish, but we also work to eliminate wasted time. Mindful planning is at the core of everything we do, and that philosophy has made our forge consistent and efficient for decades.

Ensuring Consistent Quality

When you take the time to carefully plan each project, consistent quality becomes a standard of your business. From the time we develop CAD drawings to the point when your order leaves our forge, Anchor Harvey evaluates every step of production. We don’t consider this practice an extra measure. We consider it the standard that makes Anchor Harvey different.

On Schedule Delivery

It’s the goal of every business, but delivering a product on time means nothing if the job isn’t done correctly. At Anchor Harvey, we don’t take that chance. Your order always receives our undivided attention to ensure we stay on schedule and get the job right the first time.