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Forging Solutions

Forging for New Product Development

During early-stage engineering, Anchor Harvey provides aluminum forging expertise to build a better product. Our engineers provide 3D modeling, 3D printing, and forging simulations to elevate the component design and prove process viability.

Converting to the Forging Process

  • Casting to Forging: Deciding between casting vs forging should be easy. Most metal components can be easily converted to the forging process. The forged result is a stronger component with no porosity for a better surface finish.
  • Extruded Aluminum to Forged Aluminum: By switching from extruded to forged aluminum, we can obtain a nearer net shape to reduce machining and add more details and strength to a part. 
  • Billet to Forged Near Net Shape Product: Converting from billet to a forged near net shape product greatly reduces the amount of machine time. You can eliminate your roughing program, saving 40% of the time to machine the completed part.

Converting Material from Steel to Aluminum

When forging metal, the greatest benefit of converting from steel to aluminum is the reduced weight. Aluminum—including ductile iron, cold-rolled steel, and more—is ⅓ the density of steel. Because it’s so much lighter, you can change the geometry to get the strength in the needed area at ⅓ the total weight of the same steel product. Read more about our forge alloys here.

Forging for High-Pressure Applications

High-pressure applications, usually in the valve and fittings industry, are ideally fit for forged components due to the lack of porosity and use of corrosion and heat-resistant materials.

Forging for Close-Tolerance Applications

When machining to close-tolerance applications, starting with consistent near net shape forgings enhance part-to-part locations for faster output and less scrap. View sample precision parts.

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