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Anchor Harvey is a data-driven aluminum forging company with a century-long legacy in precision manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management. We’ve modernized the age-old aluminum forging process by introducing sophisticated technology to monitor and control every step of the operation, ensuring part consistency from 1 to over 1,000,000.


  • … a reminder of our impact. Our products empower many applications in life.
  • … an action statement. We physically forge parts every day.
  • … a symbol of our culture. We are passionate and committed for the long haul.


It’s not what we make, it’s what we make possible.


As producers and consumers of our customers’ products, we understand how the consistency, strength, and weight of each forging impacts the user’s experience. Our people care about manufacturing a great component because that component empowers an incredible final experience.


We do what we do for the sensation of letting an arrow fly, for the greater good of medical innovations, for the thrill of taking flight. We do what we do because we Forge for Life.




ISO 9001 Certified CQI9 Compliant ITAR Compliant


Numbers drive our business. We make decisions from data to forge stronger, lighter, aluminum components for all types of applications in life with an immeasurable impact on the industries we're proud to serve. This is Anchor Harvey.


Anchor Harvey is continually ranked as a top forge shop by major OEMs and senior industry leaders. Our consistency, efficiency, and expertise make our plant tour memorable and gives customers confidence in choosing Anchor Harvey.

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News & Announcements

Anchor Harvey Achieves AS9100 Letter of Intent

Anchor Harvey Achieves AS9100 Letter of Intent

Anchor Harvey forges forward with efforts to better support Aerospace customers and expand aluminum forming capabilities with a new certification.

The Future of Aerospace Forging

The Future of Aerospace Forging

Having received our AS9100 certification, our focus here at Anchor Harvey has begun to shift toward the future of aerospace. Discover how Anchor Harvey will be shaping the industry in the years to come.

Viva SEMA 2019

Viva SEMA 2019

Fast cars, loud engines, we live for this stuff. Anchor Harvey recently took to the floor at SEMA 2019. But, would we go back?