Not All Forge Shops Are Created Equally!

about-picThat philosophy permeates every facet of what we do, and every member of the Anchor Harvey team plays a part in making that philosophy a reality. Anchor Harvey provides high quality aluminum forgings for a wide variety of customers.

At Anchor Harvey, we’ve been producing dependable products since 1923, a result we are able to achieve by being a measurement driven company.

We constantly measure:

  • Time
  • Inventory
  • Safety
  • Costs
  • Consistency
  • Quality

Our computerized system allows us to be the most efficient forge shop possible while also maintaining a stellar safety record through preventive and predictive maintenance. Because of our process-control method of manufacturing, our technicians and managers are able to monitor the forging process in real time, ensuring your project receives our undivided attention from pre-production to completion.

When something goes wrong, we fix the problem immediately. When something goes right, we know we’re doing our job. That’s the type of work-ethic we have, and it’s reflected in every person that makes up the Anchor Harvey team. Our employees come to work every day knowing they are part of an organization that shares common values and ideals – taking pride in their job and treating every customer with the highest regard.