In order to best serve our customers, Anchor Harvey sets the path as Forging’s Technology Leader, through technological superiority, and mechanical and design engineering services including design assistance and application analysis. We use cutting edge technology like D-Form Simulation, which simulates the forging process - this allows us to perfect the process, including the amount of material needed, flawless die design, evaluate high stress points and more - all in a virtual environment.

ProE and Solid Works 3-D Design software allows our experienced forging designers and apprenticed diesinkers to quickly go from your files to steel, shortening the “print to part” lead-time. We have a CMM 3D roamer arm in-house to validate part design, reverse engineer parts, layout parts in a 3D environment, develop point clouds and improve our quality. We are committed to staying at the technology forefront to better serve our customers.

Anchor Harvey Forged Components…the industry leader for all your aluminum forging requirements.  “Get it right, get it fast and get it hassle free.”

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