Supporting Our Troops

At Anchor- Harvey, continually improving is key. We pride ourselves on having industry leading performance including: quality, on-time delivery, short lead times and more. We are never satisfied with where we are. We are constantly “raising the bar,” exploring new methods, materials, workflow, and more - looking for ways to increase quality, eliminate waste, shorten lead times, work more efficiently and safely, and ultimately, keep our customers happy.

Using Lean Manufacturing and Six-Sigma methodologies to minimize waste, reduce cost, and remove variation - these results are evident in our offerings and are constantly monitored and displayed so our workforce can support improvement.

Anchor Harvey is ISO 9001:2000 certified in quality, and maintains constant internal inspection and audits, in fact, we have a full-time quality inspector on each shift! With on-time delivery at 98% or better, scrap below 1/2 of 1%, and industry leading customer satisfaction, we know that our efforts to constantly improve are well worth it.

Anchor Harvey Forged Components…the industry leader for all your aluminum forging requirements.  “Get it right, get it fast and get it hassle free.”

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