_MMG9198We’re able to speed products to market because of the unique way we operate. Not all forge shops are created the same, and Anchor Harvey strives to be the best. We’ve invested considerable resources to ensure our facility constantly operates at peak performance.

Our forge facility comes complete with an internal tool and die-shop, multiple CNC mills, and EDM machines.

We house eight presses capable of forging aluminum, the largest of which are two 5500-ton precision screw presses that rise 40 feet above the plant floor and stretch 44 below the ground. Our variety of presses also allows for flexibility and redundant capacity for different part requirements and sizes for your aluminum forging needs.

Additionally, our process-control manufacturing allows everyone in our forge facility to identify how efficiently we are performing. If a problem occurs on the line, our technicians and managers are able to see the same data in real time – ensuring your project always has our attention and meets our rigorous standards.

All this means better products, delivered quickly, with less then 1% waste, resulting in higher cost-savings for our customers.